Fighting the opioid epidemic takes a comprehensive approach. State Medicaid programs need solutions to identify inappropriate prescribing and usage patterns. Prescribers must stay current with changing clinical guidelines. And pharmacists need tools that improve care coordination. We meet these needs with integrated solutions that combine technology, processes and expertise to prevent opioid abuse and save lives.

The growing incidence of opioid use disorder is one of the worst man-made epidemics in history. Every day, 46 people in the United States die from an overdose of prescription painkillers. It’s a critical issue for Medicaid programs, whose members are prescribed opioids twice as often as other patients – and are six times more likely to overdose.

States need new approaches to promote safer usage of opioids, avoid the human and financial costs of this crisis and preserve more resources for the care of the people they serve. That’s why Conduent brings together integrated digital solutions, automated management processes and clinical pharmacy expertise to help state healthcare programs combat the epidemic.

  • Integrated digital solutions examine a wide range of drug utilization patterns and claims
  • Intelligent analytics pinpoint areas of potential opioid misuse
  • Real-time automated prior authorization systems at the point of sale ensure appropriate opioid use without affecting members’ access to medications
  • Retrospective drug utilization reviews educate prescribers on prescribing and utilization trends
  • Clinical pharmacists continually examine new medications and best practices and develop opioid management strategies