Maven Immunization Registry

Ideal for both medical practitioners and state staff members, our Maven Immunization Registry and Vaccine Inventory Management Solution provides functionality, accessibility, high performance and interoperability to meet CDC and state-specific goals.

Maven tracks childhood immunization schedules and vaccinations for all citizens for Measles, Mumps, Pertussis, Rubella, Varicella and Influenza. Our solution provides vaccine recommendations, keeps track of vaccine inventory, and manages vaccine manufacturer recalls.

The Immunization Registry and Vaccine Inventory Management enables fast and secure communication and coordination between state and local boards of health, providers and clinics. Our solution provides a flexible workflow environment designed to alert providers to records needing attention (a patient due for an immunization, a patient affected by a vaccine batch recall, etc.).

Maven Immunization Registry and Vaccine Management Solution features:

  • Vaccine recommendation wizard supported through configurable business rules and data capture
  • Integrated workflows, reports and print templates
  • Electronic data interchange including but not limited to HL7
  • Integrated Master Person Index
  • Geographic information system analysis tools
  • Inventory management, counter response administration and adverse event reporting
  • Contraindication/allergy support
  • Recall support (cold chain and manufacturer)
  • Case management and contact tracing
  • Support for all major vaccines and vaccine groups