Federal Services

Helping federal agencies serve citizens better through digital transformation

Government agencies are serving growing populations with increased demands, limited resources and heightened risk as they work to make the world a better place. We help leaders in government in all levels accomplish more with greater efficiencies while reducing operational cost and ensuring compliance to better serve citizens.

Providing a good user experience for citizens is vital. And we believe that government agencies can reduce costs and improve performance by implementing right technologies. Our people, processes and solutions can help you deliver personalized experiences to those you serve.

Your Experienced Partner:

  • More than 44,000

    multi-skilled interaction specialists

  • 200+

    languages supported

  • 1 billion

    customer communications handled by our contact centers annually

  • 26 billion

    images processed annually

  • 120M

    documents digitized annually

  • Over 5M

    emails and faxes processed daily

Government Administration Services

Citizen Experience Services

  • Our innovative technology-driven contact center solution gives government agencies the knowledge they need to resolve challenges in real time.
  • Our contact center services are recognized as Industry leaders by ISG, Gartner Inc., Nelson-Hall.
  • More than 44,000 multi-skilled interaction specialists with 200+ languages supported, provide expert handling of varied call and contact types.
  • Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine language (ML), and predictive analytics, we help deliver a seamless omni channel experience to the people they serve.
  • Our virtual voice agent solution Dara helps provide a more personalized and meaningful citizen experience. Learn more

Our Security Adherence:

We understand that a robust information security program within the federal government is challenging. Federal executives have to struggle with constantly evolving technology, compliance requirements, and complexity of information security. We follow stringent security practice to meet the effective security guidelines established for our Federal clients including NIST SP 800-100 requirement. Our proactive implementation of security control help support our federal clients in their mission of delivering cost-effective programs, while managing and processing all critical data in a secured environment. Our depth of experience across government agencies with federal certification and accreditation has provided us an official Authority to Operate (ATO) to support various federal agencies.

Who we Support

Federal Agencies & Departments

• Large Federal Judicial Agency
• Social Security Administration (SSA)
• U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
• U.S. Department of Labor
• National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA)
• Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
• The Department of Education

Our Accolades

Accreditation and Recognition

• ISO 27001 and ISO 9001:2008
• Ranked as leaders in the ALM Intelligence best Customer Service Consulting firms – 2018
• Ranked as Leader in Nelson Hall NEAT evaluation – 2020, in the Overall market segment offering cloud based HR Transformation solutions.

Our Experience

Large Federal Judiciary Agency: Conduent was awarded a contract to provide Third Party Benefit Administration services to a Large Federal Judiciary Agency. We worked closely with the Benefits Division of this agency evaluating the effectiveness of new benefit programs, managing the policy, and communications for the benefit programs offered to their workforce. We also administer the compliance and filing requirements of the Affordable Care Act, as amended, and create and distribute a total compensation statement to employees.

Large Federal Agency: We are helping a Federal Government Agency transform and improve process efficiency with digitized national scanning services for disability paper applications. With our full enterprise content management service we efficiently scans and process an average 550,000 pages per day. By exceeding quality expectation of 99.9% (one per 1000) – providing AQL of 99.98% (2 per 10000), our solution has delivered same-day turnaround of all receipts and has enhanced federal agencies’ capability to provide quick and accurate determinations and pay benefits.