Melanie (Mae) C.

End User Experience, Philippines

True success in a leader is not about the position one holds but about that person’s qualities and how they earn the respect of the people around them. Mae is a true leader who inspires others. She has received multiple awards and recognitions for her hard work and dedication to team engagement. Regardless of the size of the team she manages, Mae always endeavors to spend quality time with team members, including conducting skip level connects and coaching sessions. She encourages her teams and opens up opportunities for people to work on meaningful projects. Mae has earned high respect from both Conduent teams and from clients who seek out her leadership and wisdom.


Joined Conduent in: 2007

Current location: Manila, Philippines

Current responsibilities: Managing the Kuala Lumpur site and soon the Manila, Philippines site. Regularly interacts with clients, manages day to day operations, SLAs and financials.

Main areas of expertise: Operations management and people engagement

Previous roles/professional background: Professor at De La Salle University (2001-07);

Agent (‘07-09); Supervisor (‘09-10); Operations Manager (2010-14); Sr. Operations Manager (2014-2016); Service Delivery Manager (2016-March, ‘19)

Awards and Achievements:  Diamond Leader Award, 2016; Top supervisor, Humana Level 1, 2010; Top agent, Capital One (2007-2009) and multiple client commendations; Outstanding faculty member, De LaSalle University (highest student and peer evaluations 2004-2007)

Education: Master of Arts in Teaching Social Sciences, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science – De LaSalle University; Bachelor of Laws and Letters – University of Perpetual Help;

Personal interests: Cheering on my daughter on her swim team; dragon boat racing; marathons

From Mae on Creating Success through Equality, Kindness and Diversity

I owe much of my professional success to a fundamental belief in spreading kindness and advocating for equality. More than six years as a University Professor helped shape my people-centric approach to leadership.

After taking some time off to start a family, I knew I wanted to move back into the working world and was excited when an opportunity came up to work for what is now Conduent. I started as an agent, became a supervisor within two years, then operations manager, senior operations manager, service delivery manager and most recently, was promoted to Regional Director for Operations for the Asia Pacific.

Team engagement and a working environment that’s safe, comfortable and encouraging are my ongoing priorities. These help cultivate high performing teams and a workplace where ideas and thoughts can be shared and individuals are able to contribute to the success of the overall team and company. This also fosters respect not only from the people I work with but also with clients.

My mantra is “spread kindness.” I teach women to appreciate their value and I work to set a positive example for what a leader truly is: someone that inspires others, shows their appreciation for others and brings people together. Being an advocate for equality and valuing different perspectives has helped me grow and learn as a person and become a more effective leader.

In addition to my operational responsibilities, I am also an active member of both the Engagement Network team and the committee on Decorum and Investigation for Conduent.

I also work hard to ensure a balanced work and home life. I am a dragon boat racing team member, enjoy attending marathons, and am a hands-on swim mom for my daughter!