Malika A.

End User Experience, Czech Republic

When Malika started with the company just over five years ago, she didn’t imagine that it would turn into a career that she loves. In fact, she didn’t even see herself lasting too long with a fast-paced company like Conduent. To her surprise, Malika turned her passion for quality into a gratifying role that inspires and motivates best practices and ongoing excellence across Conduent. Over her five years at Conduent, she has been able to fuel not only her own professional success, but the quality performance and success of multiple teams across multiple worldwide locations.


Joined Conduent in: 2014

Current location:  Prague, Czech Republic

Current responsibilities: Quality performance management across EMEA through alignment and implementation of new processes and enhancement of existing processes

Main areas of expertise, years of experience: Operations management (3 years); quality management (4.5 years); training (2 years); performance management (4.5 years); COPC standard implementation and sustainability (3 years)

Previous roles/professional background: Quality analyst; quality supervisor; operations manager; training and quality manager / COPC implementation lead

Education: Foundation course graduate – St. Clare’s College, Oxford, UK; Bachelor of Business Administration – University of Northern Virginia, Prague, Czech Republic; Bachelor of Business Administration, Victoria University, Switzerland; Certified COPC Implementation Lead

Personal interests: Travelling, reading, photography


From Malika on Career Progression:

When I joined Conduent in 2014 as a technical support advisor, we were at the very beginning of a project launch in Prague and it was an amazing experience for a fresh college graduate with a degree in Business Administration to see how the project was building brick-by-brick.

Within months, I was promoted to a quality analyst position and was a part of the team in charge of onboarding new employees. In a short time frame, we were able to achieve excellent customer satisfaction results and were leading the enterprise. Our main goal was to live one of the most important core values – commitment to excellence – not to only meet both client and customers’ expectations, but to exceed them.

From the very beginning of my career at Conduent, I was extremely passionate about quality. I wanted to make us a number one supplier, not only for the languages that we were supporting in Prague, but also for languages that we were supporting across the EMEIA region. If a recruiter had asked me back in 2014, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” it wouldn’t have been a lie to say I wanted to manage regional quality for Conduent.

And this is what I eventually achieved by 2019. After spending a year on the Quality team, then three years on the Operations team managing various teams and as an Operations Manager responsible for Training, Quality and COPC certification of the project, I was promoted to my current EMEIA Quality Lead position. In four years, we have on-boarded many new employees who have been able to achieve excellent results in Quality in short period of time and to sustain them.

Moreover, the project has been certified by COPC two times in a row, which means that in less than three years, we have built a strong, competitive high-performing site.

What makes my story unique and successful? Multiple things: Conduent gave me, a fresh graduate, an opportunity to not only implement skills learned from the university, but to actually find herself — and something she is passionate about. So far, it has been an amazing journey to be a part of this team, where everyone feels empowered and has the ability to change and enhance things.

Conduent has many employees with success stories and mine is certainly not the only one, but what makes it unique is that a woman who joined Conduent back in 2014 not only found a job, but found something that she loves. And as Confucius said: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”