Channique N.

HR Services, Jamaica

Channique Nathan started with Conduent in July 2017 as a Payroll Analyst.  In just one year she was promoted to her current role of Senior Payroll Quality Assurance Analyst and Team Lead. Channique is always trying to find new ways to educate, evolve and elevate herself and be a positive role model. She encourages herself and others to overcome fears and soar high. It’s all about living your magic and letting yourself be free and shine.


Joined Conduent in: 2017

Current location:  Montego Bay, Jamaica

Current responsibilities: Motivating a positive work attitude; assigning tasks; encouraging, supporting, coaching and training team members; ensuring timely processing and auditing of transactions

Main areas of expertise: Customer Service, Administration

Previous roles/professional background:

  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Administrative/Front Desk Agent
  • Events Planning

Notables and Achievements:  Conduent and Payroll Social Committee, Employee of the Month – April 2018

Education: Hospitality and Tourism Management – University of Technology, Jamaica

Personal interests: Writing, blogging, authoring her first book, mentoring, humanitarian causes

From Channique on being a Lifelong Learner:

We all have magic within us. We can all achieve far beyond our imagination, beyond the fears that hold us back and beyond the societal rules and norms that we’re taught to follow.

I have been a people person for as long as I can remember and I’m most fulfilled when helping people grow — professionally and personally. Being able to support those around me, especially women, in achieving success gives me great pleasure.

My ongoing desire to learn has allowed me to grow and be better as a person in my professional and personal life. I have garnered so much at Conduent, first as a Payroll Analyst and now as a Senior Payroll Quality Assurance Analyst/Team Lead, cultivating knowledge and skills that help me take on the tasks ahead of me. Being a member of the Conduent and Payroll Social Committee has been a source of great pride and has allowed me to be a part of something where my personality shines and is a very moving aspect of this company.

Outside of the office, I am committed to building and educating myself and adding to my canvas — learning new things, and honing my artistic skills. I spend my free time as a freelance writer actively blogging via various social media platforms.

I am always seeking new ways to promote positivity and empowerment, especially among women. My Instagram page shows the inside of the mind of a writer who relates to so many others, as well as provides inspiration for those who may be and feel discouraged. I am a mentor to young girls and women through my writing and through direct interactions. In the past year I have contributed articles to the Western Mirror: “A Woman’s Body” and “Proud To Be Black Or Too Black To Be Proud?” 

I am also in the process of writing my first book and becoming a woman of God that can lead with purpose; a motivational speaker/life coach; an advocate for mental health/wellness; a campaigner for gender equality; and someone who serves communities through philanthropic and charity work.

At heart, I am a humanitarian and try to find ways to support my fellow human beings, especially those in need. I am passionate about many causes and am working on establishing a Foundation for Women. I am an active member of the As I Am Ministry — a group of young people who have made it a duty to serve God with the many different talents they possess. I have purpose; I have intention. I am a divine being and I aspire to be the greatest I can be; the greatest I was created to become. I am in constant dialogue with myself, asking: how can I capitalize on who I am to serve others and myself better?

Being a lifelong learner means being willing to be open to change; being able to interpret and grasp the changes that occur; allowing myself to be vulnerable to my emotions and just allowing myself to be. I have spent a lot of time searching for myself and came to realize that I was with me all along. I needed only to garner experiences and encounter certain situations in order to explore the many different parts of me.

Even though I cannot control what happens to me, I can control how I tackle and interpret the things that do happen to separate the lessons from the mistakes. Perspective is so transformative. I learn so much by changing my outlook and seeing things differently than they appear. I have always had the urge to make something of this human experience and see beyond the physical world and this body that houses my existence. I take my existence seriously as I am not here to just live my life carelessly.

I believe that as women we are such resilient creatures, having the strength of a lion! We are everything to everyone else before we are anything to ourselves because that’s just who we are: selfless and nurturing beings. I have many women inside me — representing all the women in this world. Each is driven by love and compassion and wants the same thing: to be loved, accepted and treated fairly in this world.

We all deserve to be and feel liberated because at the end of the day we are human beings — dynamic beings, multi-talented creatures and phenomenal humans. I am WOMAN and that is my superpower!