Abril N.

Operations, Mexico

Leading by example is what Abril Nava has done in her 17 years at Conduent. She personifies what leadership is all about. Abril has played a key role highlighting Conduent’s Mexico operation and available talent by actively participating in different projects such as the Brand Ambassador program, the Management Council and the Women’s Impact Network. She believes and proves every day that everyone is able to achieve great things, even during difficult times, by rapidly adapting to an ever-changing world.


Joined Conduent in: 2002

Current location:  Monterrey, Mexico

Current responsibilities: Being a key point of contact for clients, business groups and support teams; financial performance of the country operation; ensuring business practices are aligned with Conduent policies procedures, and federal, state and local laws and regulations; fostering a positive company image through internal and external collaboration

Main areas of expertise: Project management; operations; finance; work space design

Previous roles/professional background: Global real estate and facilities across Latin America and the Caribbean; operations in Mexico

Achievements: Conduent Management Council; Brand Ambassador Program; WIN EIG International Co-chair

Education: Master of Arts in MS, Business Management/Finance -TecMilenio University; BS, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Tec de Monterrey University

Personal interests: Family; being a mom to a five year-old daughter; reading; art; photography; movies; spirituality and different energy management techniques for healing

From Abril on Becoming a Leader through  Relationships, Perspective and Diversity:

I am passionate about my job!  I’ve been working for this company for 17 years now and have had an incredible journey.  It has been filled with hard work and commitment where I have been able to give the best of me, develop and learn new skills, be creative and expand my horizons into new fields and new ways of doing things.

I have also learned to adapt fast and deliver promptly — to be a team player and be responsive, but also contribute in my unique way to the goals of the company.

I started as a facilities manager for our Chihuahua City location in Mexico. After volunteering on different projects, I was given responsibility for facilities management and RE for the rest of the sites in Mexico. Later, that responsibility expanded into support certain countries of the now LACAR region. Then, I moved into the Operations world as Site Manager of Monterrey City and finally almost four years ago, I was appointed as the Country Director for Mexico.

Professional Growth

The company has always given me opportunities to grow. I believe an opportunity is always waiting for us. Everything we do opens many doors for us, it’s just a matter of being receptive and willing to go through them.

I have met wonderful people from whom I have learned and still feel inspired to push hard every day, be my best self and always think big. I have had the opportunity to work in different cities and countries, with a lot of great people. I have had fun and learned so much technically about the company and about different cultures.

I also have learned to care about others and spread the message that this is not just work for making a living — we’re here for a higher reason that has an impact on the lives of others. Because of that, we can see ourselves not just as colleagues but as family.


Now, as I interact with people around the world, my work family is bigger. This has broadened my perspective about life, the way I make decisions and caused me to become a big advocate of diversity. I am the co-chair of Conduent Women’s Impact Network.  We are working to bring awareness about the importance of gender balance inside and outside of Conduent.  

This is particularly important because nowadays, women and men’s roles have changed in society and we need to recreate the way we interact at home, at work and in life. Both men and women are equally important and we must take advantage of our strengths to build stronger families and stronger companies.

The most important thing about diversity is that we need to change our narrative about our differences and see them as a strength to learn, grow and have better outcomes. Whenever we are in the unity we can expand to higher perspectives.

A Culture of Values

It is important to foster a culture of values. We need to treat all people with respect and in a professional manner always. As leaders, we are the role models and our behavior sets the example for the rest of the team. I try to always conduct myself in the best way and ask what would be the most honorable way to handle things.

Conduent Core Values give us a reference for what is expected from all of us, no matter where we live or what position we hold.

I also believe that it is really important to return something to our communities. I feel so proud about all the activities that we have done in Mexico and all over the world through the Conduent Foundation. But I also believe we can do more volunteering as well. I invite everyone to include community service in their personal goals each year.

Overcoming Challenges

The ever-changing environment at Conduent can be a big challenge. But the number one thing that has helped me is to be open to change and embrace it, looking at it as something positive that will help everyone grow, learn new perspectives, new skills and new tools. Number two has been communicating that same message to my team. And number three, being coherent with what I say and what I do.

Work/Life Balance

When we have work/life balance, we feel happier and we can more easily achieve our goals.

What has worked for me is to plan my week and include time for work, for my family and for myself. I used to often leave time for myself aside, but now, I know this is key for my wellbeing. In the time for myself, I include exercise, time to go out with friends and time to be with me (meditate, read, watch a movie or just sleep!).


When I look back, I feel honored and grateful for all that I have learned working here, and there is no other place where I would have wanted to be than Conduent.