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State Healthcare IT Connect Summit 2024

April 1 – 4, 2024 | Baltimore, MD | Booth 315

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Conduent will sponsor State Healthcare IT Connect 2024, a gathering of diverse, nonpartisan thought leaders, technologists, solution providers and policymakers to address some of the most complex problems affecting state health IT.

Industry Session: Medicaid Procurement 360 Review – the Vendor Perspective

Track 1- MES Procurement, Implementing Modularity, Outcomes-Based Transformation

Thursday, April 4 | 10:00 am – 11:00 am (Location TBC)

In a world of modular MES projects, come hear a vendor’s best practices of serving Medicaid programs starting with procurement and throughout the project lifecycle. Key topics include how states scope modules and how they adapt to challenges in procurements and projects.

Shanker Balakrishnan, Vice President and Technology General Manager

Shanker Balakrishnan is the Vice President and Technology General Manager for Conduent Government Health Services. He brings 18 years of information technology and software engineering experience with 12+ years supporting Government Health Services. Shanker is a technology evangelist leading ROI backed digital transformation, building hyper-scalable, secure, cloud-native modular applications with micro-services architecture. He has expansively built portfolio including claims, financials, provider, TPL, member, health analytics, care management and more.

Douglas Stewart, Senior Solutions Architect

Douglas Stewart, a Senior Solutions Architect for Conduent Government Health Services, brings 27 years of experience in information technology solutions. His expertise spans various domains, with 22+ years dedicated to supporting Government Health Services. Douglas keeps a pulse on evolving Medicaid enterprise trends across the country, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the landscape. He actively designs innovative solutions that empower States to achieve better outcomes. Through his work, he contributes significantly to the efficient delivery of healthcare services.

Meet us at Booth 315 to learn how Conduent Government Healthcare Solutions helps government agencies enable critical and essential health services. We deliver mission-critical program administration solutions for government-funded healthcare programs that reduce costs, streamline operations and improve program participation and compliance.