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Conduent Transportation at California Mobility & Parking Association (CMPA) 2023 Annual Conference

November 6 – 9, 2023
San Jose, CA | Booth #612

Innovative, end-to-end parking solutions

Modern parking programs help agencies rethink the curb and drive constituents to park smarter while saving time and money.  Data and insights help determine how to best tailor curb lane policies to improve turnover, move people more efficiently and safely, and create access — all while saving costs and reducing societal and environmental impacts such as congestion and pollution.   

Learn how Conduent Transportation can help you implement parking policies that: 

  • Reduce congestion – to manage demand with curbside pricing, optimize loading zones and invoicing, and reduce circling, double parking, and pollution 
  • Achieve social equity – to promote impartiality and fairness, dismantle systemic barriers, and improve accessibility  
  • Improve curbside sustainability – to reduce municipal costs and improve revenue, encourage interoperability with technology-agnostic solutions, and move towards “asset lite” and data-driven decision making 
  • Create a culture of compliance – to deter illegal parking, schedule and allocate scarce resources, and reduce collisions and improve safety 

Visit us at Booth #612 to talk with one of our parking experts to discuss your unique needs.