Conduent CXNow: Cloud Contact Center Solution

One-stop, cloud-based contact center operations to increase scale, speed, security and savings

Conduent CXNow

Build meaningful connections that stand out

By leveraging digital technology like AI, automation and analytics, combined with a dedicated team of associates, we help organizations drive significant ROI with our personalized customer contact services. With the ability to rapidly scale, we provide transformative solutions with real results, including:

  • 40% cost savings

    while delivering lower call handle times and high quality interactions.

  • 30% reduction

    in call center inquiries utilizing automated solutions.

  • 75% reduction

    in call backlog leveraging speech analytics.

Conduent CXNow - Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS)

Building an Agile Customer Contact Center

Explore how the right mix of people, process, and technology can help your business better manage increasingly complex call center logistics.

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Conduent CXNow cloud contact center overview and features

Our cloud contact center solution delivers the ultimate in flexibility, scalability and connectivity – seamlessly bringing together the people, process and platform that today’s organizations need to create intelligent, omnichannel experiences that drive brand loyalty and referrals. Conduent’s Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS) helps businesses to boost agility, facilitate continuity, and leverage global customer support.

How do cloud contact centers work?

Cloud contact centers work by utilizing cloud-based technology to handle all customer interactions, such as phone calls, emails, chat, social media, etc. Instead of relying on physical hardware and infrastructure, all the necessary software, storage and connectivity are provided through the internet.

Conduent CXNow - Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS)

Access to a global pool of talent supporting your brand

  • Leverage leading practices to onboard, train, coach, support performance and a culture of engagement.
  • Empower agents with the right tools to be more connected to your customers.
  • Meet the demands of your business peaks and valleys with globally certified workforce management practices.
  • “Follow the sun” staffing to support your customers at the times they need it most.


conduent customer experience management

Global delivery capabilities combined with a best practice work at home model for business continuity

  • Enable operational agility with a scalable infrastructure.
  • Gain process and operational distinction with compliance and quality controls.
  • Leverage advanced monitoring and security management with our centralized Command Center.
Conduent CXNow - Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS)

Implement quickly with fewer IT resources

  • Meet customers where they are via omnichannel and self service capabilities.
  • Increase security in every interaction with a reliable, compliant, adaptable infrastructure.
  • Enable business agility with flexible technology, including AI and analytics that can manage call and chat histories with sentiment analysis and predictive engagement.

Cloud Contact Center Solution Features

  • Talent

    Multi-skilled resources that scale with your needs to handle various contact types in multiple languages.

  • Work from anywhere

    Keep teams connected via a secure work environment.

  • Flexible technology

    Add functionality whenever you need it with best-in-class cloud technology.

  • Omnichannel delivery

    Connect with your customers via the method of their choice.

  • Operational excellence

    Built-in compliance and quality controls.

  • AI and analytics

    Accelerate data-driven automation and effectiveness with advanced technology enablers.

Choosing a cloud contact center for business success

Cloud contact centers offer scalability and flexibility, allowing businesses to easily adjust their capacity according to customer demand. They also provide access to advanced features and analytics, enabling businesses to optimize their customer service operations.

Distinguishing cloud and hosted contact centers

The main difference between a cloud contact center and a hosted contact center lies in the infrastructure used. In a hosted contact center, the hardware and software are managed by a third-party provider, but they are still physically located on the premises of the organization. On the other hand, a cloud contact center operates entirely in the cloud, with no physical infrastructure required.

What does CXaaS stand for?

CXaaS stands for Customer Experience as a Service. It refers to a comprehensive solution that provides businesses with all the necessary tools and technologies to streamline workflows for team members and deliver personalized customer experiences. CXaaS combines various components such as cloud contact center software, AI-driven analytics, CRM integration, omnichannel capabilities and more, to help businesses enhance the overall experiences for a more seamless end-to-end interactions at every touch point.

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