Community Health Platform & Tools

Data management, analytic and web-building tools on one user-friendly platform.

Access and analyze data, collaborate and tell your story

The Healthy Communities Institute platform (HCI) is the technology foundation for a customizable, publicly accessible website. To support professional collaboration, the HCI platform provides a host of analytics and storytelling tools to help you share evidence-based practices, find funding opportunities, prioritize needs, track program success and communicate progress with stakeholders.

Healthy Communities Institute Platform

Explore a wide variety of data to bolster community health initiatives

The HCI platform is a powerful data management tool that equips you to research hundreds of indicators related to your community with comparisons to local, state and national benchmarks. Our database enables you to focus on social determinants of health (SDoH), explore valuable analysis on preventable hospitalization and ER admissions and much more.

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Data Scoring Tool

Comparative analysis for rapid insights to prioritize health needs 

The Data Scoring Tool provides standardized scores for health and social determinants of health indicators across 24+ topic areas to help you determine your community’s areas of greatest need and focus resources to maximize your organization’s impact.

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SocioNeeds Index® Suite

Identify investment areas for advancing health equity

HCI’s SocioNeeds Index (SNI) Suite provides integrated analytics around social determinants of health to advance equitable and connected care. Displayed as an interactive map on the HCI Platform, indices within the HCI SNI Suite summarize several SDoH indicators into one validated composite score, then calculate and assign a value for each U.S. census tract, zip code, and county to bring focus to specific community challenges.

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Food Insecurity Index

Identify areas at highest risk that correlate with economic & household hardship

The Food Insecurity Index summarizes multiple socioeconomic factors—such as household income and health indicators—into one composite score. The index allows you to easily access and view real-time data to identify areas of high need by county, zip code or census tract.

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Mental Health Index

Identify mental health vulnerability areas associated with socioeconomic and health disparities

The Mental Health Index visualizes local health and social determinants of health data as a composite measure to guide early interventions, investments, and collaborative partnerships. This index can be used by hospitals and health systems to improve access to care and address gaps in mental health outcomes.

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Strategy Tracking Solution

Track impact & improve outcomes

The Strategy Tracking Solution combines the expertise and support of public health consultants with the leading strategy tracking software to help you design, implement and track community health improvement plans. Our solution includes expert support for developing your plan, collaborating across organizations and harnessing user-friendly analytic tools to measure your progress.

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