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Transform how you manage data risk through analytics, AI and expertise

We detect corporate data, security and compliance risks through expertise, process innovation and best-in-breed technology to reduce fines and litigation, ensure defensibility, and manage risk, while delivering insights and decision-making power.

Post Incident Privacy Review

When cybersecurity events happen, organizations need to quickly mobilize a rapid response process that minimizes the impact of data loss, ensures compliance requirements are met, and enables accurate and timely notifications to the right people at the right time. Conduent’s Post Incident Privacy Review Solution leverages AI, automation, and our professional experts to help response teams understand exposure and quickly notify at-risk parties. Our blend of people, process and technology offers a rapid, defensible process at a predictable price with zero hidden fees.

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DSAR Response Management

Quickly respond to data subject access requests, optimize performance and enhance accuracy and defensibility. Optimize future data storage and proactively identify and remediate areas of risk.

Vendor Contract Risk Management

Manage risk through insight into your organization’s portfolio of contracts and expanse of structured and unstructured data. Using our automated, machine learning enabled processes, quickly identify a range of potential risks and liabilities (for e.g. force majeure clauses) that can help you proactively resolve costly issues early-on — by understanding business metrics, and historic trends and predicting future trends. Our risk analytics solutions make it fast and easy to achieve better overall results for your processes in this regard.

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