FastCap™ Procurement Analytics Software And AP Recovery Solutions

Infuse working capital back into your business with zero risk

In 2020, our FastCap solution delivered $30M in savings and cash recoveries for a global manufacturer.

More benefits with Conduent and FastCap:

  • You gain a consultative partner with 30+ years’ experience in AP processing, auditing and analytical services across numerous industries worldwide.
  • There are no up-front costs. Conduent assumes all of the risk with 100% outcome-based pricing.
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When you can harness multidimensional capabilities to uncover cash you didn’t even known was there — it can be a game-changer.

Working capital doesn’t just secure the foundation of your business and shore up resilience in the face of disruptions, it opens up opportunities to modernize and expand your growth.

Our FastCap procurement analytics software solution is designed to help you quickly uncover hidden capital, so can you put it to good use. When your business discovers more working capital, it can have a transformative effect on your operations. Not only will you have greater financial security, but you’ll also gain flexibility to modernize and fuel future growth. Plus, because there is no up-front cost to use FastCap, there is virtually no risk. We assume all of it and provide 100% outcome-based pricing.

FastCap includes:

  • Spend forensics: With this spend analytics platform, our category managers and sourcing experts comb through targeted categories of your organization to find opportunities for quick improvements. We concentrate on reducing the number of suppliers, negotiating better pricing and streamlining tail-end spending through the application of spend analytics in procurement.
  • AP post-payment audits and recovery: With more than 30 years of experience in AP processing auditing and analytical services, we have the expertise to support a wide range of clients. This AP recovery audit software gives your enterprise access to our experts, who can identify and recover erroneous overpayments, duplicate payments and other errors.
  • Automated duplicate invoice identification: The advanced technology in our solution makes it easy to find and resolve incidents in which invoices were unintentionally duplicated.
  • Vendor statement solicitation and recovery: We have audit teams that communicate with your suppliers to find opportunities to recover funds. Our knowledge of multiple ERP systems and cutting-edge tech means we can scan millions of records to find the root cause of virtually any issue.
  • Contract review/audits: Leveraging contract analytics, we can digitize contracts, purchase orders and invoices. Once this is completed, we can systematically match data and prioritize our analysis to find areas of leakage and apply insights to recover your funds. Our capabilities empower you to redefine your processes and transition from recovery to prevention.

What you can expect:

  • Quick injection of cash
  • Rapid implementation
  • Minimal to no disruption
  • No-risk, outcome-based pricing
  • Process revamp — to move you from recovery to prevention
  • Improved visibility through analytics
  • Better decision-making and speed

Incorporating our solution into your processes could have a significantly positive impact on your cash flow. If you want to learn more about everything FastCap has to offer you, get in touch with one of our representatives today.

Uncovering Hidden Capital

Why specialized technology and expertise are key

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Seamless, multi-functional technology to drive your success

  • Secure, web-based platform

  • Fast implementation, 4-6 weeks

  • Interactive dashboard with user-friendly tools

  • Machine learning, intelligent analytics

  • Automatic ID of potential duplicates

  • Significantly reduced false positives