Finance and Accounting Transformational Consulting Services

We bring our deep operational experience to help clients drive top quartile performance.

With fierce competitive pressure and an ever-increasing need to do more with less, organizations must accelerate the pace of transformation.  Based on our years of operational experience we find there are six key transformational levers all organizations need to balance to help achieve the greatest results.

  • Service Delivery Model – global business services, rightshoring and outsourcing, is your group organized correctly and have you tapped into the benefits of global talent?
  • Policies – are your policies keeping pace with new trends and technology enablement?
  • Process – has your organization embraced and implemented best practices?
  • Technology – technology advancements are occurring faster and bringing less expensive options, have you created an agile IT strategy to optimize your technology portfolio?
  • Data/Analytics – is your Finance group focused on historical accounting data or it is enabling business analytics and insight
  • People/Talent – are you successfully attracting and retaining your top talent? Do you provide a work environment that meets the needs of a diverse global workforce – baby boomers to Millennials?

We offer several finance and accounting consulting services to help organization assess if they are optimizing their service delivery model, embracing best practices – policies and processes, keeping pace with advancing technology trends, bringing analytics and insights to drive the right business decision and nurturing and retaining the best talent.

F&A Consulting Services

  • Business Process Benchmarking Services
  • Finance and Accounting Organizational Strategy & Assessment Services
  • Finance Transformation
  • Procurement Organizational Strategy & Assessment Services

Use our teams to supplement your F&A subject matter experts to drive top quartile business performance.