Commercial Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Provider Solutions

Helping healthcare providers deliver safer, more effective care.

Conduent provides a full range of mission-critical solutions that help health systems and hospitals drive efficiencies, reduce costs and deliver the best care possible. From risk and quality management to advanced analytics, our innovative technology and services improve operational and clinical performance and enable providers to achieve exceptional outcomes – such as avoiding $48 million in costs associated with hospital-acquired conditions (HACs).

It’s why 80% of Fortune 100 companies across all sectors and over 500 government entities depend on Conduent to manage essential interactions on their behalf and move their operations forward.

Why partner with us for healthcare provider solutions?

  • Experience

    40% of US hospitals rely on our provider solutions

  • Reach

    Serving 2/3 of all insured patients in the US

  • Savings

    $48M saved in costs associated with hospital-acquired conditions

  • Reduced LOS

    8-day reduction in hospital length of stay (LOS) due to avoided HACs

  • Efficiency

    25% reduction in ER visits