Conduent Mortgage Solutions

Rules-driven mortgage loan processing. Faster document review. 24/7 borrower access.

Conduent provides intelligent property mortgage loan document processing and management technologies, automated workflows and unique tools to lenders to help ignite operational efficiencies. Our capabilities include print and mail services (e.g., servicing statements), mailroom services, automated document imaging (ADR), and our cloud-based BlitzDocs support. BlitzDocs is a SaaS document management solution with simple integration across multiple platforms, offering indexing (document classification, OCR), data extraction, call monitoring, transaction scoring, quality analysis and analytics.

Our experience, scale and proven approach make us an optimal choice for mortgage document management services.

Why partner with Conduent Mortgage Solutions?

  • Extensive experience

    40+ years of mortgage industry expertise

  • Indexing excellence

    +99.8% accuracy average

  • Data extraction expertise

    +99.8% accuracy average

  • Business continuity

    Through diversified operational site

  • Scalability

    Global resources that can scale as volumes fluctuate