Optimize Claims Processing for Medicaid

Save Money, Improve Accuracy and Increase Efficiency for Healthcare Benefits

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State Medicaid programs face an array of logistical challenges and large transactional volumes. As millions of Americans suffered job losses and declining incomes during the pandemic, more people turned to the government for help in covering their healthcare needs. According to preliminary data from one recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey, national Medicaid and CHIP enrollment grew by 8.6 percent from February 2020 to September 2020. And nearly half the states surveyed said they expect Medicaid expenditures will be even higher in fiscal year 2022 than in FY2021.

These challenges result in fewer claims paid correctly and on time; longer processing times and obstacles related to electronic claims submissions. The right tech tools help states overcome Medicaid program operational challenges by reducing costs and improving outcomes for all stakeholders.

Government Technology partnered with Conduent for a webinar on how a better solution can enable states to:

  • Increase accuracy for Medicaid claims processing
  • Improve speed and efficiency for responding to new benefits claims
  • Seamlessly scale up as volume of claims increases
  • Future-proof your Medicaid processes to respond to changes in federal and state regulatory policy
  • Transition quickly to adapt to a changing environment without disruptions in service

Featured Speakers

Kelley Carson
VP, General Manager, Conduent Government Health Services

Kelley Carson is General Manager of Claims and Financial Program Administration solutions for Conduent Government Health services. She brings over thirty (30) years of experience with government healthcare operations, including contract and administration management, claims and financial administration and reporting, managed care and provider relations operations. Kelley leads the team responsible for research and analysis on current healthcare reform legislation. She has contributed to the successful implementation of large, complex information systems. She has great experience in the industry performing Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) Assessment and related activities and has led one of the first teams to develop MITA driven documentation for MMIS implementation

Shanker Balakrishnan
Vice President and Technology General Manager, Conduent Government Health Services

Shanker Balakrishnan is the Vice president and technology general manager for Conduent Government Health Services. He brings 18 years of information technology & software engineering experience with 12+ years supporting Government Health Services. Shanker is a technology evangelist leading ROI backed digital transformation, building hyper-scalable, secure, cloud-native modular applications with micro-services architecture. He has expansively built portfolio including claims, financials, provider, TPL, member, health analytics, care management & more