Let’s move claims forward.

Utilization review (UR) is designed to improve care and reduce unnecessary costs. Unfortunately, outdated technology and processes have not always delivered. That’s changing. Stratacare® Utilization Review accelerates care and lowers costs by infusing intelligent automation into every step of the process — connecting patients, providers and payers like never before.

Utilization review as it was always intended.

  • Faster delivery of care
  • Greater collaboration
  • Lower costs for all
  • Better outcomes driven by evidence-based medicine

5 Ways Tech is Transforming UR for Workers Comp

Lower costs are just one of the ways intelligent automation is reinventing utilization review.

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Accelerate quality medical care. Increase savings.

Combining intelligent workflow and automation, Stratacare® Utilization Review streamlines the entire UR process from request to certification.

It seamlessly integrates with all bill review platforms and claims management systems. And when paired with Strataware® Medical Bill Review, UR decisions are immediately linked, enabling faster payment decisions.

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Enhance your operational efficiency while cutting the cost of precertification.


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