The Future of Casualty Claims Management is Connected

Unlocking Siloed Bill Review and Clinical Processes in Casualty Claims

Although medical claims processing for workers compensation and first-party auto insurance are intended to be straightforward, that’s rarely the case. From intake to payment, casualty claims involve multiple stakeholders and data sources. Siloed processes such as utilization review, medical bill review and clinical services struggle to connect, making it difficult to aggregate data for analysis and actionable insights.

This eBook explores the benefits of taking a connected approach. There are many reasons to pair core functions, such as streamlined data handling, faster and more accurate decision-making, and better tracking of program performance.

Inside this eBook:

  • How to gain the day-of-injury advantage
  • Three medical management programs that should never be separated
  • Why you need to upscale your upstream document and data intake processes – now
  • Think all bill review platforms are the same? Think again.