HSP 10.8 Release Overview (1 of 2)

September 28, 2021 – 1pm ET – 2:30pm ET

Join us for a review of the new enhancements available in HSP release 10.8.

HSP Release 10.8 includes several new capabilities designed to help you improve your claims operations.  These include a variety of new tools to help you:

  • Support 508 compliance on member portal pages
  • Automate processes for Medicare Advantage plans
  • More easily support interoperability requirements
  • Enhance auto-adjudication rates and
  • improves HSP’s scalability and performance

Due to the many enhancements in this release, we will be hosting two separate webinars.  You will need to register for both webinars to gain insights on all the capabilities included in HSP release 10.8.  Click here to register for the second webinar.