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AI Virtual Agent | Dara

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Conduent’s AI Conversation Platform

Today’s enterprises are embracing the advantages of an integrated, omnichannel world. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and connected technology platforms, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, are fueling their ability to create a more personalized and meaningful customer experience. Advances in natural language processing and conversational APIs are enabling enterprises to share data across channels — delivering a more individualized and intelligent client journey. At Conduent, we have a name for this kind of transformation. Meet Dara, the Conduent AI Conversation Platform.

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Dara is Conduent’s virtual agent AI Conversation Platform that assists in the completion of routine tasks through voice, webchat, SMS and other digital interaction methods, resulting in more personalized and convenient customer experiences. Cognitive, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are used to help the Dara platform have conversations in an automated, conversational manner. If Dara doesn’t have the answer, she automatically routes the customer to a human agent. She continuously learns from humans to improve the quality of customer service answers over time.


With the Dara platform, we work with our clients to design and configure “bot” conversations that can then be deployed to multiple channels. Dara leverages technologies such as advanced search APIs and custom machine learning models to analyze structured or unstructured data. The platform also includes self-learning and training components to provide a closed feedback loop to different machine learning models.

The incoming channels for this platform include webchat, SMS, Alexa, Cortana, Google Home, Live Agent and Siri, among others. Dara uses cognitive services, knowledge management bases and machine learning to give end users real-time answers to their requests.

Conduent’s Dara in Action

Need to pay your tolling bill? Just ask Dara. Conduent is piloting Dara with an electronic tolling provider to deliver 24/7 customer service through multiple communication channels. Transportation customers can use the assistant to check their balance, add account details, order a transponder and make payments. Using Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS), the chatbot will offer end users interacting with Conduent transportation systems a point of contact, enabling automated, personalized service through webchat, SMS, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

With Dara and our OmniChannel Communication offerings, Conduent is helping enterprises on their digital journey by improving their customer and user experience.

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