Enrollment and Engagement Services

We help streamline enrollment processes to speed new member onboarding, accelerate patient access to needed therapies and support patients on their healthcare journey


We deliver mission-critical solutions and services that leverage automation, guided workflows, and multichannel engagement options that improve access to health plan benefits, accelerate patients’ speed to therapy, and improve engagement with healthcare professionals.

STP of handwritten applications
15 - 17%
improvement in patient adherence in 6 months
improvement in patient conversion
Consumer Retail

Member Enrollment Services

The consolidation of open enrollment season for most plan types into the last quarter of the calendar year often makes it challenging for plans to staff enrollment needs and ensure teams are trained on the latest federal and state requirements. With more than 50 years of member enrollment experience and access to global workforce, Conduent has extensive experience managing all the processes supporting member enrollment. From application receipt to enrollment maintenance through member premium reconciliation, we can customize a set of enrollment services to supplement your team’s capabilities or provide an end-to-end enrollment solution.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Patient Support Services

From diagnosis, to therapy, to wellness, Conduent is focused on improving the patient journey. Our solutions are helping healthcare stakeholders to realize efficiencies, engage patients, and improve health outcomes. Key to this journey is understanding the unique challenges of prescription adherence, including the therapeutic conditions and patient access barriers. With more than 25 years of experience, our patient access solutions expand affordable access to medications and foster improved health outcomes.

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Enrollment and Engagement

HCP Commercial Solutions

Leverage our nearly 30 years of experience in physician detailing, tailored message delivery, and multichannel campaign support, to pull through your sales and marketing initiatives. Our solutions have extensive experience delivering tailored solutions, emergent campaigns, remote engagement and digital engagement technology. Complementary sales strategies improve reach and market share and advanced analytics increase program effectiveness to enhance HCP engagement.

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