Motor Vehicle Solutions and Revenue Services

Every year, jurisdiction administrators face daunting challenges when providing vehicle administration and motor vehicle services to their citizens and other stakeholders. Our comprehensive Motor Vehicle and Revenue Services helps provide a range of revenue collection, distribution and auditing services to state revenue agencies and permit processing and call center services to state transportation agencies.

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Providing best-in-class motor vehicle services to increase revenue and improve operations.

The public continues to demand a greater breadth of services that are expedient, accessible and simple to use. Meanwhile, economic realities require jurisdictions to increase revenue and shore up diminished budgets while spending less to provide a better quality of service to customers.

  • How do you ensure that all tax revenue owed to your jurisdiction is being collected?
  • Can you easily spot potential areas of fraud and evasion?
  • Do you allow your customers to complete online transactions from their homes or own places of business?
  • How do you share data between systems to eliminate redundancies and ensure data integrity?

The motor vehicle and revenue services comprehensive suite of full-service solutions helps jurisdictions do just this by offering commercial motor vehicle and tax tracking/audit packages that efficiently process online transactions. We offer a wide range of solutions including:

  • Support for excise tax filing and tracking programs
  • Commercial vehicle registration and fuel use tax
  • Oversize/overweight permit processing
  • Roadside enforcement

Additionally, our fully outsourced installations provide customer care and transaction processing for our client jurisdictions and their customers.

Many of our staff are former jurisdiction employees with direct experience working with motor fuels and other excise taxes, commercial vehicle registration and regulation and other Department of Motor Vehicles/Department of Transportation functions. With this in-house expertise, we better understand the challenges jurisdiction administrators face on a daily basis. Customized features and significant program enhancements save our clients both time and money. Delivering strategic cost-effective business solutions for transportation and motor vehicle agencies is what we do—we provide the people, technology and services to ensure quality, award-winning operations.

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