Conduent DriveSafe™ Enforcement System

We install, operate and maintain photo enforcement systems and solutions, including red light, speed, block the box, illegal turn, restricted lane, and license plate recognition. No matter how large or small your jurisdiction, there is a photo enforcement system that can help you maximize resources, deter careless driving and keep people safe.

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Conduent DriveSafe Enforcement System provides enforcement for red light, speed, block the box, illegal turn, restricted lane and LPR. The system integrates with our CiteWeb violations processing platform for complete violation management providing a full turnkey program. We’re changing the way public safety gets done.

  • Does your Vision Zero plan have enforcement as a top initiative?
  • Is changing motorists’ behavior at intersections a top priority for your community?
  • Do you want safer streets in work zones and school zones?

We specialize in operations—not just equipment. That means we can develop a customized photo enforcement solution that meets your operational and safety needs in a variety of areas leveraging the latest software, hardware, and video analytics to make every program a success. As an integrator, we unify the overall operation and provide a single point of contact with full responsibility for the program—making a complex road safety solution simple to execute in your community.

Our photo enforcement systems include:

  • Red light enforcement
  • Fixed and mobile speed enforcement
  • School bus photo enforcement
  • Work zone and school zone speed enforcement
  • Bus-only lane, restricted lane, and one-way enforcement
  • Railroad crossing enforcement
  • Over height enforcement
  • High occupancy vehicle lane enforcement
  • Low emissions zone enforcement

Each program is built on our expertise as an integrator and is supported by our superior back-end violations processing systems. But no photo enforcement solution is complete without public education. We work with you to tailor an effective public relations plan that conveys key safety messages and addresses the concerns in your community.