Public Safety Systems

For many communities, public safety is a major concern—especially as budgets are cut and populations continue to grow. Every community deserves safe streets. With data analytics tools, automated photo enforcement, and other public road safety solutions, every community can have safer streets.

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Conduent Business Intelligence System (CBI)

An information discovery platform like the CBI can change the way agencies operate. This system bridges the communication gap between departments and agencies and provides data analytics capabilities that help departments work smarter.

It’s been said that agencies have access to only one-fifth of the information they need in order to make informed decisions. We aim to close this information gap by providing agencies access to data quickly and easily from anywhere.

CBI provides ability to integrate data from any source and produce friendly analytics. With such an intelligence resource, agencies can conduct and manage their programs more efficiently. With business intelligence capabilities such as visual analytics, statistical modeling and prediction agencies can use creative problem-solving strategies.

We’re changing the way analytics gets done.

DriveSafeTM Enforcement Systems

We install, operate and maintain photo enforcement systems and solutions, including red light, speed, block the box, illegal turn, restricted lane, and license plate recognition. No matter how large or small your jurisdiction, there is a photo enforcement system that can help you maximize resources, deter careless driving and keep people safe.

  • Does your Vision Zero plan have enforcement as a top initiative?
  • Is changing motorists’ behavior at intersections a top priority for your community?
  • Do you want safer streets in work zones and school zones?

We specialize in operations—not just equipment. That means we can develop a customized photo enforcement solution that meets your operational and safety needs in a variety of areas leveraging the latest software, hardware, and video analytics to make every program a success. As an integrator, we unify the overall operation and provide a single point of contact with full responsibility for the program—making a complex road safety solution simple to execute in your community.

Our photo enforcement systems include:

  • Red light enforcement
  • Fixed and mobile speed enforcement
  • School bus photo enforcement
  • Work zone and school zone speed enforcement
  • Bus-only lane, restricted lane, and one-way enforcement
  • Railroad crossing enforcement
  • Over height enforcement
  • High occupancy vehicle lane enforcement
  • Low emissions zone enforcement

Each program is built on our expertise as an integrator and is supported by our superior back-end violations processing systems. But no photo enforcement solution is complete without public education. We work with you to tailor an effective public relations plan that conveys key safety messages and addresses the concerns in your community.

Violation Processing System – Citeweb®

Citeweb® is our proprietary violations processing system for managing photo enforcement programs. The system ensures accurate data match, liability, and certainty of enforcement. We offer end-to-end violations processing that offers one-stop convenience for ticket payment – in person, over the phone, online, or mail-in. A full-featured violation processing system supporting all facets of the citation lifecycle; accurate DMV acquisition, double blind secondary review, auditing of rejected and accepted events, print and mail of first notice, subsequent noticing, and collection notices, registration hold data transfer, adjudication scheduling, and full adjudication disposition management. Our system offers a transparent history for every event including read and edit touches.

Across our programs, our collection rate is over 70 percent. We use techniques that have been proven over 20 years of collecting substantial revenue on behalf of government clients. Along with our robust collections and operations expertise, we also make sure you have the most efficient and reliable enforcement technology available that can be viewed on anything from a smartphone to a computer.

Vehicle Passenger Detection System (VPDS)

Conduent® Vehicle Passenger Detection System (VPDS) identifies the number of occupants in a vehicle with 95%+ accuracy, at speeds ranging from stop and go to 100 mph. The system uses video analytics to identify the number of occupants in a vehicle. Geometric algorithms detect whether a seat is vacant or occupied. Once a violator is captured, a license plate recognition camera captures the license plate to complete the evidence needed for enforcement. If increasing efficiency of your HOV lane is becoming a challenge, our VPDS system can supplement enforcement to limit violators and increase the convenience and efficiency of the HOV lanes. To find out more about this offering, see the brochure below.