The State of Customer Experience 2017

Top consumer expectations in customer experience in technology, communications and media industries in today’s digital age.

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Our research has uncovered that customers are less inclined to contact their communications providers than they were in 2015. With fewer touchpoints between brand and customer, it is critical to ensure you deliver an exceptional customer experience when that interaction occurs. And we’re sorry to say that you’re not delivering. The satisfaction gap between customers and providers is expanding.

Conduent is pleased to share our 2017 Customer Experience Survey Report which uncovers insights for the Technology, Telecommunications and Media industries.

Our 2017 reports will help you discover:

  • Preferred channels in communicating with your brands
  • Types of customers brands you must now appeal to
  • Where you are failing your customers
  • And the future of customer care

Find out the latest consumer expectations in preferred customer experience in the digital age, and let us help you shape your customer service strategy of the future.

Take our quiz to see how your knowledge of consumer expectations match up to the survey results.

In a world where customer experience can set you apart from the competition, Conduent is passionate about making every consumer touch point work better.

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