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Our goal is to deliver intelligent parking management systems that not only optimize your parking programs but also deliver convenient solutions for drivers.

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From smart parking integration to violation processing to meter operations, we can help you reduce costs and street congestion. By integrating technology with our proven strategies for efficiently managing programs, you’ll gain powerful results for your organization.

Making parking less of a pain

Parking management systems present serious challenges for city governments. Cities incorporating a variety of technologies, products and services from multiple third-party vendors are tasked with the time-consuming challenges associated with managing various vendors. At times, these vendors may have competing incentives or interests. Parking solutions are complex but, for your customers, parking should be simple.

  • How can you improve available parking and reduce congestion? Conduent Merge® Parking Management System, our demand-based pricing system, integrates with parking guidance services and multiple payment methods.
  • What about streamlining customer service with convenient payment options? With Conduent Violations Processing Service & System, you can accept web and phone payment options, and provide public web portals for RPP application and renewal, citation appeals, street sweeping, and space closure information. Further, we can help you implement payment plans, including hardship plans for those most in need, that maintain revenues while providing customers with needed debt relief.
  • How do you optimize parking enforcement efforts? Conduent Enforcement Management System empowers agencies to improve route designs, staffing efficiency, and promote fair and efficient enforcement. How we manage our people says everything about the type of agencies we want to be for our constituents.
  • How do you improve the enforcement of residential parking and other parking regulations?  Conduent Automated License Plate Recognition System scans plates, interfaces with host systems to validate permits and payment, and relays that data to enforcement personnel via mobile devices.
  • How does parking impact mobility? We can provide data analytics services and systems that use the parking lifecycle to improve access and safety while reducing congestion and confusion.
  • How do you choose a car park system that’s scalable? Whether you have a single car park or multiple sites, Conduent Multipark® System provides complete operational and management control of the car park equipment.

For municipal clients balancing budgetary challenges, customer service, and personnel, there’s often little time to think about improving parking. We want to help cities get the most out of their parking programs, whether on-street or off-street. As an integrator, we’re able to combine multiple functions into a single responsibility center for improved performance. We can help you answer these questions and more, positioning your parking and mobility system for continuous evolution in the months and years to come.

We offer seamless and convenient parking management systems that increase turnover, reduce congestion, and improve productivity of the overall parking program. These systems and services include:

  • Violation processing: enterprise level or off-the-shelf
  • Meter, sensor and off-street revenue collection systems
  • Advance data analytics, supported by data scientists and subject matter experts, including data-driven decision-making
  • Operations powered by Conduent Merge® Parking Management System
  • Managed receivables and collections, including innovative payment plans

Thought Leader

matt_darst_80x80Matt Darst
Vice President of Parking and Mobility at Conduent


Matt Darst oversees our industry-leading analytics team to improve customer convenience, increase parking revenue, and promote sustainability. Matt and his team of data scientists support world-class parking systems like LA Express Park, ParkIndy, ParkDC, and many more. His advocacy of advanced analytics—the identification and communication of trends beyond simple reports and dashboards—has led to critical client insights and true data-driven decision-making. The team has implemented innovative “asset lite” solutions for determining parking occupancy, predictive occupancy and compliance algorithms, demand-based pricing, enforcement routing, and computer vision to detect occupancy. Parking data must be used to question assumptions about technologies and policies and to improve returns on investment. Towards that end, Matt and his team employ analytics to address the challenges facing mobility, including solving the first- and last-mile problem, reducing congestion, and improving access. Further, they provide analytical support for Conduent’s groundbreaking Mobility Marketplace apps (Go LA, Go Denver, etc.).

Prior to joining Conduent, Matt was the First Deputy Director of Revenue for the City of Chicago, managing more than 450 personnel. Matt administered revenue-generating initiatives responsible for increasing City revenues from $1.5 billion to $2.2 billion in ten years. He reengineered business processes and implemented a performance management system, increasing boot productivity by 15%, improving enforcement productivity by 5%, and reducing meter repair time by 41%. He deployed new technologies, designed the City’s violation processing system, managed two amnesty programs, and authored legislation to provide hardship payment plans to tens-of–thousands of customers. Matt earned his BA from the University of Illinois and his law degree from DePaul College of Law.

You can arrange an interview or speaker presentation with our transportation thought leaders. To discuss opportunities, contact Sean Collins, Conduent Public Relations at