Retail Sales Tools & Consulting

Give your customers the tools they need to make the right purchase the first time. You’ll reduce call volumes and returns while you’re at it.

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WDS helps retailers ensure their customers can make informed buying decisions in-store and online. We do this through a suite of software tools and in-person consultation.

Retail Sales Tools

Lifestyle Wizard

Personalize your customers’ retail experience and give them the power to choose the product or service that really works for them. Customers rate a series of options based on their lifestyle criteria, such as using social networks every day, traveling frequently and not streaming media very regularly. Lifestyle Wizard uses this information to help your customer choose the right product and service to meet their needs.

Device & Plan Selection

The more complex the products and technologies you sell, the more difficult it is for customers to make the right purchase decision. Wrong decisions can be expensive, driving unnecessary product returns and damaging customer satisfaction and longer term lifetime value. Device & Plan Selection is an online tool that allows customers to navigate complex purchase decisions. A simple interface helps customers compare and select the products that best fit their needs.

Knowledge as a Service (KaaS)

KaaS is a dynamic, validated and accurate source of support knowledge built to use across omnichannel customer care. KaaS underpins customer care touch points with a centralized pool of knowledge to effectively and consistently support your customers across the entire care mix. It offers the right information at the right time via your customer’s preferred channel.Knowledge is constantly updated, and quality control processes and contact center feedback continually validate the accuracy of your knowledge. Then the knowledge base personalizes relevant support articles and FAQs to each customer.  Plus, you can measure the success of your knowledge content with our expert analytics. Our continuous analysis of your knowledge is able to create and update support content as required.

WDS Retail Consulting

We don’t just hypothesize on theoretical solutions. Our consultants draw from solutions they’ve already put into practice that are working well for clients. Then they analyze your unique situation and come up with a new solution that delivers measurable results. From business case justification, through optimized deployment to value tracking and insight, our retail consulting program delivers a robust, end-to-end solution. Each program follows a clear methodology to help you quantify and optimize the value you will derive through knowledge management processes, content tools and practices.

  • Online
    • Content/Call Avoidance Optimization
      We have a suite of tools to help ensure your online experience uses best practices in navigational structure, tooling, content indexing and self-service logic. This helps reduce call volumes and cost-to-serve measures.
    • Ecommerce Experience Optimization
      Make sure you’re selling as much as you can, and retaining customers. Through pre-sales content, qualification/selection tools and easy “move in” assistance, we help you reduce call volume and cost-to-serve measures while increasing conversions and reducing cancellations and returns.
  • In-Store
    • Qualification and Right-Sizing
      We want to make sure your customers leave your store with the right product that correctly matches their needs. To do this, we optimize shop floor processes, tools, policies and methodologies to come up with a strategy that helps reduce call volume, returns and service cancellations.
    • Walk Out Working
      We re-engineer your in-store engagement process with accompanying tools, content and analytics to ensure your customers leave the store setup, configured and coached on their product or service. This will help you reduce call volume, returns and service cancellations.
    • Triage
      We re-engineer your shop-floor engagement processes with accompanying tools, content and analytics to ensure device returns can be correctly diagnosed and qualified prior to replacement, repair or refund. This service was designed to help wireless brands reduce No Trouble Found returns and disconnects.

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