CPAS Pension Administration System

CPAS is an end-to-end solution that manages and delivers everything administrators, employers and members need.

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We provide pension administration software for public and private pension plans, sponsors, multi-employer trusts, third-party administrators and financial institutions. The complete enterprise solution CPAS v5 administers Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution and hybrid pension plans, as well as group health and welfare benefit plans.

  • Manages receipt and reconciliation of employer and employee contributions
  • Maintains member accounts and historical data
  • Calculates benefits for all life events
  • Processes pension payroll and lump-sum benefit payments
  • Produces member communications
  • Performs interim and annual update and reporting processes
  • Performs payroll and non-recurring disbursement processing

CPAS v5 supports multiple plan types, languages, currencies and multi-jurisdictional requirements from a single integrated Oracle database.

Reduce pension administration time

Take advantage of workflow, case management and straight-through processing features that create efficiencies through automation and visibility to work in progress.

  • Integrated data validation improves the integrity of information collected and maintained
  • Immediate access to historical data records, calculation estimates and final benefit calculation details
  • A user-friendly design for pension administrators, with event-based workflows and wizards to make the system easy to use
  • Multiple plan types and multi-jurisdictional requirements are managed from a single integrated Oracle database

CPAS v5 simplifies pension administration and updates. With a single view of each member’s plan participation, it improves communication.

Deliver exceptional service

Give members, retirees, employers and other stakeholders the information they need.

  • Online access to documents, forms, letters and other vital communication in an unlimited number of member languages
  • Internet access to employer, member and retiree self-service
  • Immediate production of benefits statements, payment options, estimates and final calculations for distribution to members and employers

CPAS v5 lets you respond as clients’ self-service needs evolve. Integrated self-service and mobile access gives members their account information and tools to help them in retirement planning.

Respond to changes in plan design, legislation and pension administration practices

Table-driven rules and an actuarial engine enable changes in plan rules and legislation to be easily implemented.

  • Generate information and file extracts needed for policy discussions supporting proposed plan changes
  • Quickly implement and test changes
  • Allow plan administrators to execute plan changes, reducing the need for internal programmers or outside consultants

While other companies attempt to add on this kind of flexibility, we have it built in.

Defined Benefit plans

CPAS v5 is one solution for Defined Benefit pension plans, Pension Equity plans, Cash Balance plans and other hybrid plans.

  • Administer member records for active, deferred, terminated, disabled and retired members and beneficiaries
  • Define provisions for all types of plans
  • Run all standard calculations for accrued benefits, deferred vested benefits, refund, termination and retirement benefits
  • Produce member statements
  • Manage single and multi-employer plans across multiple jurisdictions

Flexibility is critical to your business, so we’ve made it our business.

  • Built-in “what if” capabilities allow you to analyze the impacts of proposed policy and plan changes
  • You get the responsiveness to quickly test and implement
  • Infinitely scalable to your business
  • Flexibility for “cross-border” administration

Defined Contribution plans

Gives financial institutions and plan sponsors a complete solution for administering individual and group retirement arrangements, including stock purchase plans, savings plans and profit sharing plans.

  • Designed to manage an entire book of business for an unlimited number of client-defined investment products and plan designs
  • You have the flexibility to add new clients and plans, and offer new financial products to current and expanding markets
  • Investment accounts can be set up for any business entity, not only member plans
  • There is no limit to the number of funds or plans in which a member can participate
  • Fund attributes include various fund valuation frequencies, trade cut-off time and settlement days
  • Full audit logging capability for all data changes and financial transactions
  • Web self-service for plan sponsors, employers, members and other stakeholders

As a global application, CPAS v5 supports multiple languages, currencies and tax domains.

  • Daily exchange rates are maintained to support inter-fund transfers and reporting
  • Deposits and investments can be made in different currencies
  • Frequent trading monitoring, late trade processing and straight-through processing allow for up-to-the-minute transactions

Health and welfare

CPAS v5 administers insured life and health benefits for your active and retired members.

  • Manage eligibility
  • Automate enrollment
  • Process employer reports, billing and collection and premium remittances

Life insurance, accident insurance, short- and long-term disability, health, dental, vision and other programs offered to members and their beneficiaries are easily set up and managed for ongoing coverage and premium administration, including member self-payment of premiums.

Members review their plans, confirm coverage, view premiums and make their plan selections during open enrollment periods using CPAS v5 self-service or employer services.

Plan administrators access and manage adoption agreements, benefit plans, coverages and premiums within the single CPAS v5 system for a complete view of all plans offered and selected by the plan sponsor or employer.

Enterprise Tools

CPAS v5’s powerful Enterprise Tools give you access to self-manage your CPAS application. These optional tools allow clients to configure the services offered to members and employers. This integrated development environment provides full access to manage plan rules, workflows, data exchanges and maintenance activities for control of your ongoing pension administration services and costs.