Multichannel Communication Services

The biggest barriers to improving the customer experience are the same for many businesses: Communications are often too complex, and there are too many different touch points. Luckily, we can make these touch points do double duty.

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We optimize the intersection of transactional and marketing communications. That means things like targeted messages on monthly statements. At this critical intersection, you can use data for relevant, personalized communications. And you can do this across both print and digital channels, which accelerates digital adoption and reduces the underlying infrastructure problems that hold you back.

Here’s what we offer:

Transactional Communications

Adding marketing messages to your transactional communications—such as statements and bills—can help reduce costs and increase personalization for a better customer experience.

  • Communication engineering
  • Personalized campaigns and campaign management
  • Channel-agnostic delivery for paper and digital
  • Interactive bills enabled by HTML 5
  • Secure customer portal
  • Analytics-enabled personalization

Marketing Communications

Customers have more options than ever before when it comes to how they want to receive information. That means messaging needs to be both on-point and readily available where and when they want to access it.

  • Multichannel communications platform to improve underlying infrastructure problems
  • Develop and maintain of a single view of the customer across all channels
  • Consistent customer experiences across all channels
  • Targeted and personalized messages
  • Highly choreographed campaigns
  • Marketing response attribution identifies what triggered each response to figure out which marketing efforts are generating the best results

Both offerings can be provided via:

  • Traditional and transactional print and mail
  • Digital delivery to a variety of channels including web, email and mobile

Service Elements

  • Communication engineering
  • Template creation
  • Data Transfer, Ingestion, Aggregation and Transformation
  • Personalization
  • Localization
  • Document composition
  • Acquisition and Management of Consent and Preference
  • Delivery
  • Technology platform including Customer Portal