Legal Operation Solutions

Do more with less. Automate Contract Management and Legal Invoices

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Transform legal operations through our expertise, process innovation and best-in-breed technology to reduce cost and automate manual processing, while delivering custom business intelligence and decision-making power.

Our Solutions

Contract Management and Analytics Solution

Digital strategies to optimize contract management processes, analytics and remediation.

A powerful combination of technology and professional workforce enablement to address a breadth of complex issues that plague organizations today. Our digital contract management, analytics and remediation solution consolidates data using AI-based active machine learning — regardless of how, where or in what format the contracts may be stored.

We provide a single, searchable database of all contracts, available metadata, objectively coded fields and associated text for each contract to provide business and risk leaders, as well as clients and regulators, any and all answers to questions related to a contract or a contract portfolio.

Legal Invoice Analytics

Conduent’s Legal Invoice Analytics (LIA), an advanced eBilling platform, automates the review of legal invoices delivering speed, accuracy, compliance and intelligent insights throughout the process. Learn More.

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