Viewpoint™ All-in-One Platform

The Viewpoint™ All-in-One Platform brings simplicity, ease and affordability to your legal and compliance projects by enabling you to manage all processes.

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Features and Benefits

  • Flexibly deploy the platform based on your needs, whether as a hosted platform or in situ backpack for high-speed, temporary eDiscovery projects where data needs to remain on-site.
  • Eliminate the cost and time of integrating disparate applications and importing, exporting and copying files between tools–there are no additional applications or plug-ins necessary
  • Collect, filter and forensically copy and preserve data directly in the Viewpoint repository
  • Defensibly reduce data at the earliest stage of the process, before processing begins
  • Filter and process large volumes of data in a fraction of the time it would normally take–so you can review data sooner
  • Conduct high-speed review with advanced analytics–duplicate and near-duplicate identification, e-mail thread management, relationship analysis, concept analyzer, suggestive coding, language identification, workflow automation and other advanced tools
  • Efficiently manage inbound and outbound productions in a single location
  • Quickly scale up and down based on data volume, number of users and matters
  • Automate document prioritization, QC or first-pass review with integrated technology-assisted review capabilities
Conduent Legal and Compliance Solutions (“Conduent”) is not authorized to practice law, and neither offers legal advice nor provides legal services in any jurisdiction. The services offered by Conduent are limited to the non-legal, administrative aspects of document review and discovery projects. Conduent provides such services solely at the direction and under the supervision of its clients’ authorized legal counsel.