Business Innovation, Strategy and Planning

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Business, Market, Product Strategy And Roadmapping

Lost without Waze? There’s no app for business roadmapping, but our objective roadmapping processes fill the gap. Focused on impact and achievability coupled with innovation creation, analytics insights and market research, they give you calm in the strategic planning storm.

BI And Analytics Strategy

Data analytics—the software and methods used to understand data—is transforming every aspect of business. With our Planalytics approach, we help you determine what to measure (based on business questions) and how to measure it, and turn data into meaningful stories.

Customer Segmentation And Engagement Strategy

The customer’s always right… usually. We focus on understanding what makes your customers tick and how they want to engage. Using everything from competitive market data to crowdsourced champion ideas, we ensure the entire customer ecosystem is optimizing your relationships.


Productizing a profitable solution requires understanding market dynamics (is there a market?), market maturity (early adopters versus mainstream competition), and value proposition (why buy it?). We help you think critically about each product lifecycle stage and design a launch approach.

Go-To-Market, Channel Approach And Pricing Strategy

Love traveling to new places? Interested in finding a partner to get rich with? Swipe right. Our market and pricing approach focuses on matching your products or services with the right market and right price to deliver the business case.

Internal Innovation Governance Structure And Process Set-Up

Innovations are “the practical applications of good ideas”. We provide templates, processes and tools to inspire employee ideas and carry them forward through qualification due diligence, business case, development and implementation/launch, with thresholds for “Failing Fast” and appropriate Go/No-Go tollgates.

Workforce Planning

Manage people like your other supply chains. Our proven five-step workforce planning methodology results in operational action plans for each critical role and workforce segment, and lays the foundation for an ongoing workforce planning process tied to financial planning processes.

Workforce Analytics

Imagine what you can do once you really have a handle on your workforce data. We bring the experience, skills, processes and tools to help you analyze historical workforce trends, predict future trends, and ultimately optimize workforce capability and costs.

Commercial Acquisition Strategy And Due Diligence

Even Amazon can’t process “returns” on commercial acquisition decisions. Our diligence approach tailored to your business outcomes considers the financial, regulatory and compliance aspects of a deal–without losing site of the people and culture that got you here.

BI And Analytics Ongoing Governance

Insights from data are only as effective as the actions taken as a result. We work with you to design and implement ongoing governance processes to ensure your investments in data analytics are resulting in better decisions, programs and outcomes.