Operational Effectiveness

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Functional And Organizational Diagnostic

Do you really know what you’ve got? Our holistic assessment articulates the strengths and opportunities in your function—across structure, process, people, culture and technology. And we help you objectively prioritize our recommendations, which solve for root causes, not just symptoms.

Shared Services Business Case Development

The trend is to go hybrid—mixing outsourced and insourced shared services. The business case involves top-down and bottom-up modelling of transition, resource/location, technology and infrastructure, integration, facilities, and governance costs; “best”, “worst” and “most likely” scenarios are developed.

Business Process Assessment And Optimization

Nobody can beat a bad process. By sitting down with people who “do the work”, we develop an understanding of how things get done and opportunities for improvement. We document future state, but the best ideas usually come from you.

Ongoing Project Management

Often times, a project is only as good as the plan on which it’s executed against. Our approach to program and project management is very flexible and we can be advisors, task-masters, members of the team, coaches and/or doers. Tools such as the RAID Log and Project Plan will be introduced from the onset to establish a sense of permanency and continuity as the project continues onwards.

Admin Vendor Competitive Analysis, Sourcing, And Selection

“How do we start, who do we talk to, what does success look like?” We know the administration market and the players. With our time-tested approach, we help you select the best administration partner for your needs, culture and budget.

Functional Strategy And Roadmapping

Every team needs a North Star and an achievable path towards it. Let us apply our imperatives-strategies-tactics approach to help you create a functional strategy aligned 1:1 to business imperatives, then convert it into tactical initiatives phased into a roadmap.

Shared Services Implementation Support

Sharing is never easy. Bringing together multiple parts of the organization to form shared services requires a prescribed approach. In addition to governing the overall transition, we help set up processes and operational reporting to ensure expected results are delivered.

Business Process Documentation

Whether to reduce single points of failure through knowledge transfer, prepare for outsourcing, or respond to recent audit results, sometimes you just need to get it down on paper. We document processes using Visio and other standard desktop manual templates.

Operational Staff Augmentation

Sometimes you just need more hands. From strategic advisory to operational execution support, we apply a surgical approach to augmenting your team’s capacity and capability. And we pride ourselves in leaving the team more capable than how we found it.

Admin Vendor Contract, Service Level And Process Review

Are you paying your administration vendor(s) too much? How do you correct errors? Our administration and business process experts evaluate vendor contracts, practices and controls to identify opportunities to recover value or close gaps and set a continuous improvement tone.

Ongoing Admin Vendor Management

Establishing strategic partnerships with administration vendors requires the investment of time, money and political capital. Then, these relationships must be managed to ensure expected value achievement. We help establish and manage vendor governance programs that enhance and optimize existing relationships.

Service Delivery Model Analysis And Design

Customer/employee experience, cost:value ratio, scalability, and cycle times depend on a “fit for purpose” Service Delivery Model (SDM) and underlying Operating Model (OM). With examples as starting points, we’ll evaluate SDM options, especially for global functions, and design the OM.

Organization Design

Organization design is more than putting names in boxes. Our goal is to design a structure that enables efficient decision-making and day-to-day operations, requiring us to first understand your processes (“how work gets done”), then define roles and reporting relationships.

PMO Design And Set-Up

In the midst of many projects, it can become difficult to orchestrate it all. By setting up a PMO, we establish governance processes and tools that allow you to prioritize projects, establish a consistent project management methodology, and maintain oversight.

Centralized Business Services Governance Strategy

It won’t run itself. As business services are centralized, a governance strategy is needed to measure outcomes and establish accountabilities for setting future strategy, proactively addressing risks to cycle times and quality, managing change, escalating issues, and managing day-to-day operations.

Recurring Vendor Audits

Company policy, regulations, or good governance may motivate a review of vendor activities. Reviews can be highly specialized or broader in nature and scope. Our people, process and technology experts advise, design, and execute vendor audits customized to your needs.