Patient Safety & Quality

Measure and manage risk, quality and compliance to improve patient outcomes.

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When you can efficiently measure and manage risk, quality and compliance, you can improve patient safety and outcomes.​

Coordinating care, evaluating and demonstrating quality, identifying risks and monitoring compliance — they all require data from multiple sources and systems, and they’re all key to the patient experience. With the right technology, you can expertly manage today’s complex healthcare ecosystem to deliver better patient experiences.​

The powerful technology in our Midas Platform ignites efficiency in daily healthcare operations. As a user, you can synthesize data from multiple sources, track and trend performance over time, simplify collaboration and reporting and deepen data insights. It’s a solid foundation for better decision-making and improved patient outcomes.

From Quality Measures to Quality Care

Our clients discuss how they are turning data into action at Modern Healthcare’s Patient Safety and Quality Virtual Briefing.

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Midas Platform modules provide an indispensable resource for healthcare delivery operations:

Midas Quality Management

Monitor and improve quality in real time to elevate care and outcomes for patients.

Empower your healthcare teams to quickly identify indications for intervention, analyze undesirable outcomes during treatment, assess functionality after intervention and recognize opportunities for improvement. Use an assortment of dashboard tools to monitor provider metrics, elevate best practice standards, create data-based patient safety protocols and boost performance measurement capabilities to drive meaningful improvements in the quality of care.​

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Midas Risk Management

Gain a holistic view of risk across your organization.

Risk matters. Gain access to shared tools and electronic incident reporting to deliver a comprehensive view of risk events. This sophisticated, user-friendly technology drives efficient, automated risk event data collection, tracking and analysis to help healthcare stakeholders improve processes, quality and efficiency.

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Midas Case Management

Facilitate care across the continuum with an entirely electronic workflow.

This module enables a fully integrated approach to care coordination — including concurrent review, utilization review, physician advisors, discharge planning, risk assessments, transitions of care, clinical documentation improvement and denial management. With a holistic view you can effectively monitor performance, align expectations, gain insights, reduce readmissions and promote healthy patient outcomes.

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Statit Scorecards

Focus more on patient care by optimizing administrative tasks.

Statit Provider and Quality Scorecards assist your medical and quality staff in reducing their time and effort spent on administrative tasks. Key data elements are displayed in visually appealing and easy to read scorecards. Industry-leading workflows get you from point A to point B faster, and with fewer clicks, so you can get back to what matters most — patient care.​

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Midas Compliance

Achieve continuous compliance and accreditation readiness.

Transform your compliance and accreditation processes with this centralized, easily accessible, browser-based enterprise solution. Unique workgroup functionality promotes active involvement across your entire organization, fosters communication and collaboration and facilitates a culture shift toward proactive, continuous compliance that eliminates the fear of on-site surveys.

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