Midas Healthcare Analytics Solutions

Midas Health Analytics Solutions from Conduent helps health organizations use patient-centric data to manage, measure and monitor everything from quality to patient safety to improve financial and clinical outcomes.

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In today’s complicated healthcare climate, medical providers need an integrated care performance platform that collects continuum data, guides users, derives insights and proposes solutions.

Midas Healthcare Analytics Solutions offers a care performance platform that seamlessly integrates data with workflow across functional areas, automatically capturing it and reporting to regulatory organizations, then enhancing with advanced analytics. Further, our clinical and analytics transformation services offer strategic guidance, tactical plans and care management interventions to help you improve health outcomes for patients.

Our services include:

Midas Care Performance Platform

Midas Care Performance Platform integrates quality outcomes from all points of service, bringing together data you can trust and act on. Fast.

Midas Analytics

Midas Analytics leverages a robust data warehouse with over 100 million claims, as well as machine learning-based advanced analytics to predict patient-specific risks, deliver population health analytics, and proactively improve and support business intelligence performance.

Midas Care Transformation Services

Healthcare leaders are bombarded by decisions every day, ranging from day-to-day operations to emerging clinical procedures/medical practices, new lines of business, reimbursement contraction pressures and looming regulatory requirements. Our team of experts will ensure that you measure what matters and outperform on your objectives.