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Improve collaboration while reducing costs by streamlining and connecting structured and unstructured data.

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Did you know that as much as 80% of data in a given healthcare system is not in the EHR or ERP system – so collaborative decisions only leverage 20% of available data? The vast quantities of unstructured clinical and operational data pose challenges for clinicians and others who need improved data access, automated workflows and enhanced clinical and operational collaboration.

An Enterprise Content Management solution helps transform clinical and business processes by leveraging information to streamline operations, reduce costs and make important information accessible across the healthcare enterprise. Organizing documents and other content related to your processes:

  • Transforms clinical and business processes and documentation through connected structured and unstructured data – such as scanned documents, email, inbound faxes, web services or other physical or electronic documents
  • Mitigates risk by securing information and establishing retention and disposal standards according to set guidelines

Our ECM strategies enable:

Increased Productivity and Cost Takeout

Improve your back-office processes to become “paper light” while reducing labor and storage requirements, putting your valuable resources to their best, most productive use. Whether that means freeing staff from manual processes or turning storage areas into revenue-producing areas of the hospital, we help drive cost savings and productivity improvements throughout the organization. This new environment also improves billing processes and cash flow, and reduces clinical and operational costs enterprise-wide.

Enhanced Decision-Making

With suboptimal content access and associated workflow deficiencies, operational and clinical decisions are more difficult to make. We’ll help develop an enterprise content management strategy relative to paper inpatient charts, converting electronic feeds to the EMR system and medical records where possible. In the process, our solutions improve accessibility to important clinical and operational data so that information is shared securely with anyone, from anywhere, using any device for better decision-making. We also provide point-of-care scanning and “onramp” to the medical record system to eliminate the need for paper documentation at the nurse station (and other areas).

Improved Collaboration

Value-driven, risk-based models of reimbursement make collaboration essential. By helping you access data beyond the four walls of the hospital – including ambulatory and remote locations –we can help ensure this collaboration leads to improved care at lower cost.

Optimized Processes and Technology

Workflows and document lifecycles are accessed through a business process improvement (BPI) methodology that analyzes and documents gaps, risks, bottlenecks and compliance issues. This combination of technology, people and process improvement manages a document lifecycle from scanning and storage to integration, retrieval and destruction, and increases clinical and operational collaboration through greater information access and automated and enhanced productivity.

Our vendor-agnostic process clearly identifies the current challenges and defines an optimal future state through on-site discovery workshops, open-ended interviews, observation, participation, training and software analyses that leverage our BPI methodology to capture process metrics – making it easy to document the benefits and cost savings.