Statit Scorecards

Improve your focus on patient care by optimizing administrative tasks.

Reducing the time and effort required for administrative tasks can be a game-changer in the ability to focus on patient care. Our Statit Provider Scorecards and Quality Scorecards help medical and quality staff ignite their administrative-task efficiency.

Key data elements are displayed on visually appealing, easy-to-read “scorecards” while industry-leading workflows efficiently get users from point A to point B with fewer clicks — freeing up time for patient care while helping improve clinical quality and patient satisfaction.

Features include:

  • Automated reporting
  • Targeted workflows
  • Real-time data analysis with alerts

Statit Scorecards: More Patient Care & Less Administration

Learn how Conduent’s Statit Provider and Quality Scorecards can boost your efficiency by replacing manual reviews and reporting processes with automated workflows and intuitive reporting tools. See how our scorecards can be a game-changer for your Physician Quality Review, helping you save up to 80% in time and cost so you can get back to what matters most — patient care.

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Provider Scorecards

Reduce cost and time spent on provider regulatory reviews by up to 80%.

When done manually, the average regulatory review takes about 30 minutes per provider every 6-9 months. Especially with large specialty groups, the time and effort required to generate these reviews and reports is valuable time and effort taken away from direct patient care.

Statit Provider Scorecards replace the manual review and reporting process with automated workflows and batch reviews. Displaying key indicator measurement data for providers and their peers, these scorecards make it easy to quickly analyze and review physicians.

Quality Scorecards

Improving clinical quality and patient satisfaction comes with insight and understanding.

Statit Quality Scorecards help you take the guesswork out of performance improvements with timely, accurate data that supports daily decision-making. They’re a simple, yet powerful way to access, track, analyze, compare, and contrast raw data for deeper insights.

Gain the ability to make objective, sustainable, and defensible decisions. Let our comprehensive scorecard views help you zero in on key performance and leadership indicators and skillfully measure improvement to drive a culture of quality.