Advanced Analytics Solutions

Identify performance improvements and evaluate effectiveness of care.

Put actionable data at your fingertips with Midas DataVision and Midas Clinical Performance Measurement System (CPMS). Leverage a robust data warehouse with rich insights to discover the best opportunities for clinical improvement and patient safety advancement. User-friendly models and methodologies employ advanced analytics to help you accurately evaluate and benchmark your health system.

With Conduent Advanced Analytics Solutions you can:

  • Reduce unexpected readmissions and penalties before they happen
  • Optimize management and updating of ever-changing regulatory guidelines
  • Gain a competitive advantage over competing health systems by boosting performance

Midas DataVision

The Midas DataVision application is a powerful analytic tool that enables clients to easily track and analyze clinical utilization and provider practice patterns, evaluate high-risk populations, and meet regulatory requirements with for CMS and other regulatory reporting agencies. DataVision provides access to more than 30,000 predefined measures that can be used to evaluate and drive an organization’s clinical performance. Clients also have access to the Midas Comparative Database (CDB) to compare their facility’s performance with other participating organizations nationwide, empowering comparative statistics from an extensive variety of filters and variables.​

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Midas Comparative Performance Measurement System

The Midas CPMS provides a full suite of functions for data collection and data submission required for Acute Care Inpatient, Hospital Outpatient, and Behavioral Health Regulatory Topics as defined by The Joint Commission and CMS.  We provide our clients with over 150 fully automated outcome measures and a full range process measure that can be used to trend hospital performance over time and benchmark performance to other hospitals nationwide. CPMS has grown to include more than 2,500 hospitals, currently houses over 30 million patient encounters, and is one of the easiest tools on the market to help you meet your current and future regulatory requirements for performance measurement.​

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Conduent CommunityVision

Providing the best healthcare to your community means thinking outside the hospital walls.

Gain better insights about the community issues that may affect your patients with CommunityVision, a customizable analytics solution powered by Conduent’s Midas DataVision and Healthy Communities Institute (HCI) platforms. CommunityVision is designed to seamlessly integrate with your clinical quality data to highlight prevalent SDoH within your service area, such as health inequities that may signal potentially poor health outcomes in the community you serve.

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Midas DataVision Gateway

Unleash the power of your enterprise dashboards to improve patient outcomes and performance.

Easily determine your organization’s current performance against regulatory and accrediting measures while accessing and analyzing complex clinical and financial data — in conjunction with statistical algorithms. Integrate Midas DataVision metrics and Midas Hospital Risk Adjustment Methodology with other data sources, including your organization’s custom indicators. With DataVision Gateway you can produce an accurate, near real-time image of your organization’s performance to earn national recognition and drive transformative change.

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