Customer Engagement

Intelligently progresses customers throughout their ongoing journey with your brand. From onboarding to transacting to renewing, we make sure you meet customers where they are with a seamless experience — delivering more digitally powered communications.

In today’s always-on, hyper-personalized, digitally connected world, organizations have no choice but to reexamine every touchpoint across their customers’ journey and identify new ways to deliver an integrated, exceptional experience. 

Customers don’t want to start from scratch. They want each interaction with a company or government agency to start where the last one left off — no matter which channel they’re using at the time. They want a singular, consistent, seamless experience across all channels, with content optimized for each channel and device. 

The future of interactions is omnichannel and integrated. In an integrated omnichannel world, enterprises will have more meaningful conversations with their clients — fueled by AI, automation, advanced analytics, connected technology platforms, voice-activated devices and highly personalized journeys. 

Conduent’s OmniChannel Communication Services enable our clients to have high value interactions with their customers or constituents across both digital and human channels, creating a seamless experience.

We offer:  Integration, Composition and Delivery  

Conduent has 250K square feet of print and digital production facilities across three primary sites in the U.S. We produce 5B digital images annually, deliver 1B communications via digital, print and mail each year; and save our clients $50M annually in postage. 

OmniChannel Platform as a Service  

Intelligently progresses customers, patients and members throughout their ongoing journey with your brand in all interactions/touch points so the experience is seamless from channel to channel, human to digital. Connect your customer touch points so interactions are seamless across devices and gain powerful insights from customer data to create digital interactions that are more: 

  • Immediate – to educate and guide consumers through business journeys and events in real time. 
  • Individualized – to make each interaction more meaningful and relevant. 
  • Intelligent – to accommodate consumer preferences and timing for information. 

Customer Communication Management Service 

platform for composition, delivery, storage and retrieval of all outbound communications. Powered by best-in class technology, Conduent manages and extracts specified data to create personalized outbound communications based on customer preferences. We support this with high-volume printing and mailing services and state-of-the-art digital distribution technologies. 

Multichannel Delivery Service 

Have the technology for content creation but need a partner to deliver that content?  This outbound communication delivery solution provides full support for all aspects of digital and print communication delivery through best-in-class high-efficiency technology.