Customer Experience Transformation

Customer Experience Transformation has become complex practice. It requires the careful balancing of the needs and requirements of your customers with the productivity and profitability demands of the business; neither area can be looked at in isolation.

5 Phase Customer Experience Transformation Program

The Conduent 5 Phase Program provides an end-to-end solution for business transformation, placing the customer experience at the heart of transformation strategy.

Phase 1: Listen

Commencing with the Conduent Voice of the Customer solution, the 5 Phase Program draws customer opinion, feedback and requirements from a variety of popular touchpoints. This essential first phase of the transformation program provides an outside-in view of the customer experience.

Phase 2: Measure

The second phase explores current operational performance, providing an inside-out view of the customer experience. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of assessment methodologies to audit the performance of all key customer service touchpoints, including contact center, online, retail and social media.

Phase 3: Define

The key discoveries from Phase 1 and 2 feed into the Define phase, wherein highly collaborative Customer Experience workshops are facilitated by Conduent specialist transformation consultants. During these sessions, multiple customer journey maps are defined, providing the optimum customer experience blueprint for your customers.

Phase 4: Architect

The Architect phase defines a new Target Operating model for the business, comprising multiple change initiatives that together deliver upon the customer experience goals from Phase 3. Change Management, Business Case Modelling, Process Re-engineering, Trial Management and a variety of other key transformation disciplines are encompassed within this phase.

Phase 5: Track

Finally, upon successful execution of the defined changes, Conduent implement the necessary analytical measures to ensure that the full value potential of the transformation program is being realized.