As Group Chief Executive, Consumer & Industrials, Christine Landry has global, end-to-end responsibility for Conduent’s accounts in the Communications, Media, Entertainment, High Tech, Retail, Travel and Industrial businesses across the entire Conduent solution portfolio. The solution portfolio includes customer experience, business process optimization, human resource services, learning, legal, finance and accounting and workers compensation services. Landry also has end-to-end delivery responsibility for Conduent’s customer experience centers, and its human resource services and learning businesses.

Landry is a 24+ year veteran in the business services market. Prior to Conduent, Landry joined Xerox in 2010 as part of the Xerox acquisition of ACS, Inc. She has held a variety of progressive roles in business process operations in consumer goods and communications industries; technology, telecom, retail and travel customer care businesses; and most recently as group president for Xerox Services’ Communications industry. During her tenure at Xerox, Landry’s group provided market-leading business services and solutions to customers including IT services, customer care and consulting and professional services. Under her leadership, the group expanded its global operations and launched several programs and tools aimed at providing improved efficiencies in digital technology and customer care.

Before joining ACS, Landry worked for LiveBridge, later acquired by ACS, in its Operational and Account Services groups, and also led the start-up of the Professional Services Consulting group.

Originally from Canada, Landry attended the University of British Columbia in the field of Applied Sciences.