Webinar : Enabling Faster Payments

An Insider's View into Launching a Digital Journey

Faster payment solutions – like Real Time Payments® and Tokenized Payments® now available with Zelle®, combined with APIs – are increasingly becoming part of the payments conversation across all industries. But how can leveraging these new tools benefit your particular business – and how do you best begin your education and adoption journey?

Learn how you can:

  • Boost payables processes to eliminate the collection, storage and maintenance of banking instructions; speed payments; and enhance transparency, and
  • Improve receivables workflows via digitally enabling invoice presentment, and accelerate billing, collections and reconcilement.

Popular questions answered in the webinar:

  1. What is the potential utility and impact of digital currency, such as Libra and other stablecoins?
  2. What does – ‘Funds are irrevocable’ imply?
  3. What is the perspective of the group on FedNow, and how that will impact their current RTP solutions? Will there be a need to have both RTP rails?

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James Stanley, Director, Commercial Payments, Conduent


Carl Slabicki, Head of Strategic Payment Solutions, BNY Mellon Treasury Services


Bob Sneed, Executive Vice President, Sales TransCard


Laura McGortey, Director of Strategic Partnership Solutions, BNY Mellon Treasury Services