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Can a computer count how many passengers are in a car? While it’s moving? Fast?

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Some residents on the French/Swiss border hope so. The town of Jougne, one of the busiest crossing points along the 200 kilometer border, is the site of a pilot demonstration of the Conduent Vehicle Passenger Detection system.

One way to improve the crowded highways, region leaders decided, was the introduction of  high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes reserved for cars with two or more occupants. To make it work, transport authorities needed a reliable, automated solution to count the number of people in each car.

The Vehicle Passenger Detection system provides a clear picture of vehicle occupancy rates by photographing the front and side of each car to identify the number of occupants.

During a two-week test period, the system revealed that 85 percent of all vehicles had only one passenger – the driver, that the  our passenger detection system achieved a 95% accuracy rate in detecting the precise number of passengers, and was more than 97 percent accurate in detecting whether a car had only a driver.

They system also complies with data protection rules for data protection and destruction  in order to prevent personal identification.