Get on the bus: how commuter attitudes are shaping the future of public transit

City transport systems need to get smarter.

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That’s the reality facing urban planners everywhere. But how do you create efficient solutions that please commuters and cities alike?

To find out more about the challenges facing transportation systems, we surveyed the people who use them every day – 1,900 customers in 19 European cities.

Read the results in our report, Keeping Our Cities Moving, along with Conduent analysis of what they mean for  the future of urban mobility and Intelligent Transport Systems.

In what cities do people have the longest commutes? What are the biggest priorities when we travel: cost, time or convenience? Where do the “smartest” commuters live? What’s the best way to engineer a better experience or better manage parking using Big Data?

The report answers these questions and more. We lay out our vision for smart transit systems and traffic flows that get people where they need to be.