Enforcement Solution Helps TransportNI Reduce Parking Offences and Keep Traffic Flowing

In 2006, Northern Ireland decriminalized parking enforcement, and passed responsibility for it from the police service to the country’s road authority, TransportNI.

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TransportNI faced many challenges with this new arrangement, including more vehicles, busier urban areas, and a community with little experience of parking enforcement.

By focusing on parking enforcement as a way to keep traffic flowing, TransportNI set out to reduce the number of illegally parked cars blocking the roads. Our parking enforcement solution helped TransportNI achieve many of its goals, including:

  • 20% drop in parking tickets issued annually (from 140,000 down to 110,000).
  • 78% of parking tickets paid (exceeding a goal of 72%).
  • 60% of parking tickets issued to cross-border drivers paid (up from 20%).
  • Implementing bus lane monitoring around Belfast, which leverages video and ties it to penalty charge notices.

Read the case study to learn more about the Conduent enforcement service that is powerful enough to cover a country of more than 1.8 million people and offers TransportNI the security and reliability of a managed, hosted service.