City of Oakland Parking Program: From Backlog to Leading Edge

The city of Oakland had a parking problem – in its own office building.

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Every day, a long line of citizens, waiting to pay their parking citations, snaked through the hallways on the sixth floor, often to the elevator lobby.

Although the city offered pay-by-phone and pay-online options, neither of these self-service tools was consistently up and running – nor did they offer the multiple language options this diverse community needed. So, citizens would wait 45 minutes to an hour or more to pay a violation, sometimes returning to their cars to find a second ticket because the time on the meter had run out while they stood in line.

Out in the field, things weren’t moving much faster. The handhelds used by violations officers were cumbersome and so outdated that spare parts were no longer available. Officers were forced to handwrite most citations, creating a six-month processing backlog and high contest rates.

Clearly, something had to change.

Read the case study to see how we helped the city of Oakland automate parking violations, eliminate backlogs and integrate digital photography with its electronic citation system.

Now the city’s parking program runs more efficiently, citizens are happier, and there are no long lines to pay fees or fines.