Road test your road knowledge with our tolling quiz

Many states are already finding out that dynamic tolling can improve traffic flow on the busiest roads.

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By increasing tolls on roads when it’s busy and decreasing them when it’s not so busy, highway planners can reduce pollution, make journey times more consistent, and get people to consider use other travel options.

It’s a powerful tool to improve roads, the environment – and people’s quality of life.

But there are lots of questions that need answering to make dynamic tolling a success.

Take this quiz to find out if your road knowledge is up to scratch – and help answer questions like:

  • What outcomes can you expect from a road-tolling operation?
  • How do you set rates and when do you change them?
  • What are the cost implications of collecting tolls?
  • And, how to you get buy-in from road users?

Take the dynamic tolling quiz now.