Your Parking Lot is Your First (and Last) Impression

The Conduent Multipark® System makes life easier for everyone: not just those parking at the airport – staff, flyers, and their friends and relatives – but also the operators in the parking control room, maintenance staff, IT and finance teams.

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The team at the international airport in Geneva, Switzerland, learned this directly.

Geneva airport has 23 car parks with a total of 9,000 parking spaces.  And their version of the parking solution, powered by Conduent, include:

  • 83 entry-exit terminals that dispense tickets and read credit or debit cards.
  • 35 pay stations that accept cards and cash (Swiss francs and euros), as well as contactless payment technologies.
  • Pre-book parking online.
  • Empty spaces are clearly marked so people spend less time searching for an open spot.
  • License plate recognition technology raises exit barriers as cars approach; it also helps customers find their cars when they forget where they parked.

Learn how the Conduent Multipark® System supported all of Geneva Airport’s objectives for parking management.