Four Customer Service Trends for the Public Sector

Deploying flexible solutions for today, while preparing for growth in the future is key to finding success.

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Satisfaction with customer service from U.S. federal agencies is at a seven-year low, according to a report by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI). That’s not good news. It’s especially worrisome because, as the ASCI report points out,  trust in government and customer service satisfaction are directly related – when one declines, so does the other.

Agency leaders already know this. So now what?

Citizens are better-informed, they’re used to self-service, and they want easy access to information and services. Personalizing the customer care experience not only works, it helps citizens feel like their voices have been heard.

Details are in this white paper, “The Top 4 Trends in Customer Care for Public Sector.” Read it, and consider some ideas that can improve your agency’s customer satisfaction score. With satisfaction comes trust, and that’s good for everyone.